The digital banking revolution

Skylie is an AI powered, augmented reality avatar with natural language processing capability, designed to offer your customers a better way to interact with your brand. Developed with the aim to significantly reduce your customer service overheads, Skylie can be directly integrated with your existing apps, websites and software or be hosted as a separate branded service.

Key Features

  • Customizable Avatar and voice options to match your brand personality
  • Pre-built workflows for banking, insurance and hospitality
  • Geo location-based discovery and recommendations
  • Deploy as a speech and text-based chatbot
  • Hosted Solution with modular iOS and Android SDK packages to integrate to existing apps
  • Integration support for Open / proprietary APIs for authentication and data retrieval
  • Multi-lingual support

Skylie for Banks

The next generation of Customer Care for Banks

What if your customers could talk to your credit card?

With pre-built workflows to support more than 50% of your credit card related conversations, Skylie promises to reduce customer care overheads that translate to major savings. Offered as a custom deployment, Skylie can be extended to handle functions specific to your brand with deep integrations with your API stack.


The primary features that make Skylie a must have for your brand.

Fully Customizable Avatar

Out-of-the-box, you get Skylie by default with one speech style. An avatar of your choosing representing your brand can be developed as a one-time investment.

Multi-Point Identification

Up-to three identification points can be mapped on a surface for unique content serving and customized interaction. Example: Skylie can be trained to identify the credit card type of your bank through card number sequence, colors or text on the credit card to serve offers relevant to a specific credit card type only.

API Support

Through a one-time development effort, Skylie can be connected to your API Stack for data retrieval and query response

Deploy as a Chatbot

Want Skylie to handle all of your incoming chats? Integrate with your chat platform of choice and introduce AI powered voice and text based chatbot functionaluty on your website or app.

Multi-Language Support

Skylie at present supports English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Google NLP

Skylie’s natural language processing capabilities are built on Google NLP, the industry leading voice recognition and AI powered processing platform.

ARCore and ARKIT

Skylie has native support for both ARCore and ARKIT ensuring a smoother, faster Augmented Reality experience on both iOS and Android environments.

Pre-built Workflows

Pre-built workflows for banks, insurance companies and hotels ensure a faster deployment with AI training already in place to answer the most common queries in each of these industries.